Our Mission & Issues

“Crank the Vote” marries grassroots organizing with the unique social power of music to educate, empower community voice, increase voter turnout and to bring equity to communities of color across the United States. This campaign builds on the policy victories behind the #DontMuteDC and #MakeGoGoForever movements to address gentrification and Black cultural erasure in the District of Columbia, issues that will only become more urgent in urban areas around the country as they cope with and rebuild from the health and economic devastation from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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This campaign will:

Organize D.C. Go-Go Music and Hip-Hop communities for virtual concerts and interactive town hall discussions.

Initiate a mass campaign for communities to legally register to vote via absentee ballot in the primaries and general elections in this crucial 202 election and beyond.

Develop local and national policy agenda to advocate for musicians, entrepreneurs, educators, health service providers, “gig” economy workers and other creatives.

Maintain a platform for citizen-journalists and train them to document what is happening in culturally rich communities of color the are poorly served by mainstream media, government and philanthropy.

Amplify the issues facing the 70,000 returned citizens living in D.C and the millions of other survivors of mass incarceration around the United States.